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Welcome to Occupational Health Services!

Established in 1994, Occupational Health Services (OHS) is the premier occupational and environmental medicine clinic in the Chattanooga area. We are a multi-functional clinic specializing in such areas as pre-emptive medicine, injuries, rehabilitation, and drug testing.

With a strong foundation in prevention, health, and safety for employees, OHS has partnered with business and industry in order to provide comprehensive and specialized care.

While being the patient advocate, OHS also remains sensitive to the needs of the employer by establishing clinical guidelines, early intervention in injury care, and aggressive rehabilitation. Interfacing with the employer and employee enables quick recovery and eliminates unnecessary medical services.

Injury Management

Injury management, with an emphasis on communication between all parties, is an integral part of our service. As Worker's Compensation costs continue to rise, having service providers that emphasize early return to work is imperative. Clinical pathways have been created to ensure consistent and quality care. Through the utilization of our computer-tracking program, SYSTOC , we are able to provide the employer with timely reports, which include:

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Work Restrictions and Limitations
  • Return-to-Work Status
  • Referral Plans
  • Impairment Rating
  • Other Business-Specific Statistical Data

Health Promotion & Wellness Programs

Health promotion and wellness programs are positive health strategies that assist to control medical costs for all parties. Programs provided by OHS can impact both the quality of life for your employees, as well as influence how your healthcare dollars are spent. Many of these programs can be offered at the work site, thus providing convenience and a significant savings to your employees. Special corporate rates make employee health programs affordable for many organizations. This can provide a very lucrative option for you, the employer.

Your "One-Stop Shop"

Occupational Health Services is your "one-stop shop" for meeting all of your occupational and environmental needs. We have a highly trained professional team ready and willing to cater to the needs of our business partners in order to reduce lost time with an emphasis on early return to work. Occupational Health Services is committed to providing valuable return-on-investment through excellent patient care and customer service.

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