Case Management & Employee Health

With OSHA, NIOSH and CDC Mandates constantly evolving in today's climate, how does an employer manage this medical information? If they have medical resources available to them, does their staff have the time, resources and employee health expertise to manage such a program?

Occupational Health Services is able to utilize our immunization computer-tracking program to aid clients in the employee health process. We have knowledgeable physicians and nurses on staff that are able to provide employers with the most current recommendations for immunization programs. SYSTOC is able to provide detailed immunization reports. These may be customized for a single patient or complete company database.

We specialize in:

  • TB Testing Programs
  • Hepatitis B Immunization Programs
  • Influenza Vaccine Programs
  • MMR Vaccines
  • Varicella (Chickenpox) Vaccines
  • Tetanus Immunization

What if your employee experiences a sharp or splash exposure to blood and body fluids?

Occupational Health Services works in conjunction with needs of our clients to provide timely and medically appropriate follow up based on the most recent CDC and OSHA guidelines. We work as a team in conjunction with Parkridge and Parkridge East Emergency Centers to provide quality medical care. There is an Infectious Disease Specialist on staff and available at all times for recommendations and follow up if needed. Each exposure is case managed by an employee health nurse who is knowledgeable in exposure management. Medical reports are provided to the client, employer and worker's compensation carriers as indicated.

Referral Services

Occupational Health Services also provides referral services for our clients. A qualified physician with occupational medicine experience evaluates each worker's compensation injury. All referrals for physical therapy, testing or specialty physicians can be scheduled through our RN nurse case manager. OHS has a panel of varied specialty physicians who are knowledgeable in Worker's Compensation. We can provide communication between the patients, employer, worker's compensation carrier and other medical providers to provide timely and appropriate care for our clients.